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Vampire Island, Rhode Island

Vampire Island, Rhode Island is charming, compelling, and satisfying – everything a reader wants in a light romance or a two-century-old mystery.” IndieReader approved


They say that two hundred years ago when the winter gales cut Purgatory Island off from the mainland, seven of the island’s young maidens began to waste away, complaining of strange dreams and strange desires. One by one, they died, and they say that Mercy Randall was the vampira who unleashed evil upon them…  

With a brand-new PhD after her name, folklorist Leah Gerard travels to Purgatory Island to study the Mercy Randall legend. Aided by Randall family descendant Adam Randall, she hopes to discover how Mercy, like the Salem witches, became a tragic victim of scapegoating and community hysteria.


As she seeks to understand how the culturally alien vampire superstition took root among Adam’s forefathers, Leah finds herself increasingly drawn to him despite the rumors about his mysteriously missing wife.


Leah's efforts to debunk the vampire legend make her a target of a fanatical doomsday cult of vampire-worshipers. Cult members are willing to go to any lengths—including murder—to stop her from blaspheming their Exalted Mother Vampira, Mercy Randall.


What began as a scholarly research project becomes a desperate struggle for love and truth on Purgatory Island.  

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