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Miss Sedgewick and the Spy

With Napoleon in exile and France once again open to travelers, the reform-minded Thornrose sisters are on their way to Paris to campaign against the slave trade in the French colonies. 


Accompanying them is their niece Verity’s bosom bow, Lady Christabel Toddington, and their eminently sensible secretary, Miss Drusilla Sedgewick. 


When their carriage is stopped by brigands, a case of mistaken identity results in Drusilla being kidnapped instead of Christabel, the wife of an important diplomat. Drusilla eventually manages to escape her captors and make her way to Paris, never realizing that her quick wits, cool nerve, and flawless colloquial French have impressed Col. MacRory Holt, Wellington’s top intelligence officer.


Holt recruits her into his service as a spy assigned to ferret out those who are plotting Napoleon’s return to power.


As the daughter of a fallen officer, Drusilla is eager to do her patriotic duty. But that is nothing compared to the soul-stirring thrill of undertaking clandestine missions in the company of MacRory Holt.

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