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Stranger in Paradise

Kate Elliot has been coasting serenely through life managing her great-aunt's bed and breakfast inn on the Hawaiian island of Maui.


But her life is upended by the sudden, mysterious onset of a fear of heights—a crippling handicap on her mountainous home island.


Consulting a local kahuna, or wise man, she receives a chilling mystical warning: 

                      Coming events cast their shadows before them 

Her fear of heights, the kahuna believes, is a premonition of a dire coming event. 


And then handsome, mysterious Mark Smith checks into her great-aunt’s inn.


Though her innkeeper’s sixth sense warns her that he’s not what he seems and he’s not to be trusted, Kate is falling for him anyway.


As the oncoming shadows darken around her, Kate realizes that her home, her heart, and her very life are all in danger.

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