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Chloe Afloat

“Chloe Afloat is a spectacular and page-turning contemporary young adult novel with a fierce main character that meshes well with the author's witty writing style and understanding of teenage conflicts and characterizations... its plot is a total knockout.” IndieReader approved 5 stars

After surviving two retro-crazy summers out West, Manhattan teen Chloe Crandall wants to spend her seventeenth summer being Normal in the City...until her sometime crush Shane recruits her for a lucrative, but really abnormal summer job with his father’s private security firm.


She goes undercover in the Pyrate Players, a college drama troupe that sails the tall ship Incorrigible along the New England coast, performing pirate-themed shows. Her mission: keep lead player Madison Dandridge away from drugs and a psycho ex-boyfriend. 


At sea, Chloe attracts a psycho of her own. Studly crewman Trevor Williams seems to have discovered her secret phobia. He’s using it against her, gaslighting her, trying to drive her off the ship. She needs to find out why before he succeeds. 


She also suspects that Madison’s psycho ex-boyfriend isn’t really so ex and that Madison might be as psycho as he is.


Worst of all, she’s beginning to doubt Shane’s motives for shipping her out aboard the Incorrigible.


Too late, she realizes she’s sailing into dark waters and there’s not a lighthouse in sight. 

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