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Miss Thornrose and the Rake

Verity Thornrose is the last of a line of wealthy, reform-minded crusaders, who for generations have recorded their good deeds in the Thornrose Book of Good Works. Verity’s maiden aunts have trained her since childhood to carry on her family’s philanthropic tradition.


But when her latest charitable endeavor goes awry, she finds herself in the clutches of London’s most notorious rake, Alaric Tierney, the Earl of Brathmere, who mistakes her for a cyprian. Alaric is intrigued by the beautiful and mysterious highflier who dresses like a Quaker, converses like an Oxford don, and who convinces him to come to her aid without giving him the courtesy of her name.


Tracking her down, Alaric comes calling at Thornrose House with seduction on his mind. But soon—to his utter astonishment–he finds himself performing charitable acts and falling in love with Verity.


Can this most mismatched of couples make a love match?


Or will Verity’s fanatical, tyrannizing cousin, Octavian, achieve his lifelong ambition of ensnaring Verity into marriage?

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