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Chick Grit

Burrows employs a witty narrative voice and a unique setting that informs readers about the 1830s frontier and the world of avid historical reenactors... An often clever and tightly paced YA romp.” --Kirkus Reviews 

Manhattan teen Chloe Crandall is doomed to spend her fifteenth summer in retro hell. 


Her history professor parents drag her along to a living history campground in North Dakota so they can relive the era of the Fur Trader and the Mountain Man—even though Chloe doesn’t wear fur and doesn’t date mountain men.


She’s an unhappy camper until she meets a hot boy in buckskins with a matching horse. It’s crush at first sight until she learns that Zach helps his uncle run the campground, which makes him the No. 2 Devil in retro hell.


Still…he’s so nice to her even though she’s disastrously inept at mastering frontier skills. She’s also disastrously inept at peer group interactions. All the other kids dis and dismiss her as a gritless asphalt brat.


Chloe is determined to prove to Zach and his friends that city girls do have grit. Chick grit. But when disaster strikes the campground, will Chloe’s chick grit be enough to save a child’s life—and her own? 

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